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Island Cyprus

Cyprus ( island ) in the east of the Mediterranean Sea,
about 70 km south of Turkey and 100 km west of Syria.
Since 1974 is the north of Cyprus a part of the Turkish Replubliek North Cyprus,
this is only authiresd bij Turkey.

Around Limassol
       Replubliek Cyprus

  Capital:  Nicosia ( Lefkosia )
  Surface area:      9 251 km
  Inhabitant:      171000
  Population density:  83 per square kilometre
  Population:    54% city   46% country (side)
  Language:       Greek, Turkish ( language colloquail ) and English

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                                           The Greece and Turkish parts.
Cyprus is divided in two parts(Greece & Tudkish)We always go to the Greece part of the island,but got nothing to do with the Greece cause,Cyprus is a state of it,s own.The history of Cyprus has been well documented.
It is bad it went that way, because there also real nice beaches and a rich history on the Turkish part of the island.
It is interesting from the Greece side to visit the Turkish part.



 Limassol, Yermasoyias,Feel the human touch.

You'll be given the warmest of welcomes in Cyprus.
As you travel round the island you will find that
the spirit of hospitality is very strong.
We have been coming since 1992 in: Yermasoyias.
Already for many years, 6km from the old city Limassol.
Where you should go at least ones to look around.
We always realy enjoy it over there.
The people are friendly and realy very nice!

Petros restaurant is close by the market in Limassol.  

Cyprus the weather?


We wish you a:

                                        Short explanation.

The first thing we do!! We always go the early season middle of may till half july

and the shoulder season middle september to half october.

That time it is earlier dark,because in the peak season the weather is to warm for us.

We book our appointments:trought Costas Panteli - Surf & Sun hollidays apts.

Telephone:00357-253322036 or mobile(cell) 00357-99627614.

Than we book a regular flight with: www.cyprusairways.com


                             Don,t forget remember.

You need a valid passport or a european indentification card.

If you want to remain longer then 3 month,you will need a visa.

It is advisable with the Cyprus Embassy in your country.

                              Holiday on Cyprus.
We went again for holidays to Cyprus and realy enjoyed it.
We also put new foto,s on the website.
Sit back and take the time to go through the site
an see the many beautefull and interesting sides.

                                Look around.
Also there are many interesting things to see on Cyprus.
Take a very close look on our site,and you get the real holiday feeling of Cyprus.
We want you to get the real feel of this very nice island.



There are a enough foto,s on the site to give you a sense of what it is like.
When on Cyprus as agoodwill gesture,go mingle with the local people
and enjoy the hospitality and the friendliness.

If you still have questions please mail us (e-mail adress is on the site).