Traveling from Limassol to Ayia Napa and Larnaca on the east coast,
Nicossia and the Troosdos mountains area in the central part of he island and Paphos on the west coast takes about one hour drive.

Air travel from Limassol to the airports at Larnaca and Paphos takes only 30 to 50 minutes
Limassol is the most perfect starting point to explore the island.

         Why Limassol?
Because of the fantastic climate.
And various kind of nature makes Cyprus
a paradise for nature lovers.


There are alot of beautiful resevoirs,
where you can lie down and relax with a fishing rod in your hand.
There are a few of those lakes nearby
Limassol (Yermasoyias).
On the sea also you can do a lot of nice things,
like to eat fresh fish,by boat or on the beach.

Around Limassol
Yermasoya Limassol the most fine spot in Cyprus.

Limasol, also spelled as Limassol, (Greek: Lemessos) is an important port in Cyprus.

It is situated on the southcoast of the island, at the Mediterranean Sea.

The bay, that the city is situated at, is called Akrotiri Bay.

Limasol is the second biggest city of the island, in 2003 the city had about 150.000 inhabitants.

Limasol (district), that covers the south part of the island, is named after this city.


From Limasol you can reach the other cities like Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos very easy by bus or taxi.

There are no trains on the island.


Limasol has two harbours, the old and the new harbour.

The new harbour is big and important.

There are regular boat connections with other cities at the Mediterranean Sea,
 such as Rhodes (City), Haifa and Port Said.

 You can also go by cruiseship to one of this destinations.

 At many travelagencies in the city you can book such a cruise to Israel and Egypt.

Shipyard in Limassol.

You can do a lot off nice things in Limassol,
very long beaches,a beautiful nightlife,
many bars and restaurants.
In the old harbour of Limassol,
you can buy fresh fish,daily.
Also many shops and 3 markets.
The newest Flea Market out in Fassouri,
the Car Boot Sale(on Linopetra Corner)
there is also a daily fruit and veg market
behind the Central Bus Station in the old town.
In Limassol are also a lot off musea,
like the museum of the middle ages,museum of folkarts,
and the archeolocical district museum.
Also excavations and castles are interesting things.








Markets in and out of Limassol.

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